Is Solar Right For Me?
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The Solar Agents Difference!

Advocating for Your Best Interests

Of all the improvements you can make to your home, solar stands out as the most sought after, while also being the least understood. With an overwhelming number of manufacturers, design types, conflicting information on the internet, varying local and state regulations, and increasing government subsidies, solar power has become a business that better resembles the Wild West more than the professional industry that it should be. Unfortunately, this has left consumers in desperate need of an advocate that works in the best interest of the homeowner, in a trade that focuses more on how many panels they can get on a roof.

Trustworthy Service Homeowners Deserve

The Solar Agents are a group of solar professionals that have seen both the dark and the light side of the solar industry, and have refused to be beholden to the solar companies they worked for that took advantage of the “buyer beware” market that they operate in. Rather, The Solar Agents have committed themselves to the homeowners who have entrusted them with one of their most prized possessions: their home. With industry knowledge and experience, we have vetted our installers to ensure that you the homeowner gets the quality of work, the performance, and the installation experience you should expect.

Our COMPLETE Residential Solar Design Commitment is what truly separates us from everyone else in the industry.

  • Step 1: Homeowner Profile Interview

    First - We start with our Homeowner Profile interview, which allows us to get a strong idea of what you want solar to do for you and your home. This also allows you to flush out some of the questions and/or conflicting information that you may have come across.

  • Step 2: Solar 101

    Second - During our second interaction, what we call “Solar 101”, there will be a brief overview about how solar works, and answers to the most commonly asked questions about the advantages and disadvantages of different solar designs. In addition, we will review commonly asked questions about warranty protections, financing options, available tax credits and/or grants to maximize your solar opportunity.

  • Step 3: Multiple Design Options

    Third - Our team will take a couple days and combine all the information that you have given us about yourself, your home, and your goals, and put together multiple designs to satisfy your short term and long term needs.

This COMPLETE Residential Solar Design model allows The Solar Agents to specialize in both systems that reduce energy cost, save money, and maximize immediate Return On Investment, as well as systems that maximize the potential of solar backup or sunlight backup technologies.

So whether you are looking for a system design that saves money and protects against inflation, protects your home in case of weather disasters or grid failure, reduces your environmental impact, or will provide an energy independence legacy for your family this generation and next, we are ready to design it with you!

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