Is Solar Right For Me?
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Why Go Solar?

Go Green

Reduce your environmental impact with solar

Energy that is Clean, Renewable, Safe, and Sustainable

While there might be some nuance as far as how much American Electrical Energy production has impacted our environment, there is no question about the long term effects of polluting our water and soil. Whether it is Natural Gas pump stations contaminating the water in Hinkley, CA or the failure of Indiana’s, Illinois’s and Georgia’s many Coal Ash Ponds leaking toxins into the surrounding groundwater, we are confronted with the reality that our future is dependent on safe, sustainable, and diversified energy sources. We can see that many states and municipalities have taken direct action towards protecting their specific environments, others are still lagging behind, and with growing awareness we are fast approaching a bottleneck of supply and demand.

Of all the actions that we can take as homeowners, solar has the most immediate and direct positive impact. From the day that your solar project is approved to operate, that is less unsustainable resources used to power your home and less waste that is created to power your home. In addition, in the majority of municipalities, the excess power you use is delivered directly to your neighbors, which will reduce their environmental impact as well. Finally, unlike other environmentally impactful decisions we can make, solar is one of the only that can deliver an immediate impact on our investment, in most cases, and a long term positive impact on our investment in every case.

From beginning to end, you are intimately involved and educated on the design of your system, so that in the end, you have all the confidence you need to ensure that you are making the best choice for your home.

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