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One of the most concerning aspects of solar ownership is the risk and exposure of long-term ownership. With most forecasts and ROI projections reaching up to 25 or 30 years, it can be unnerving to wonder what happens after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, or what happens if your installer goes out of business or just chooses not to honor the warranty they gave you, or if your roof leaks down the road after all the workmanship warranties are expired. This is why, as a part of our vetting process, have prioritized installers who are Solar Insure vetted and qualified. 

Solar Insure is the leading third party extended warranty provider in the industry, with over 15 years of experience, no monthly payments, an exceptional track record of customer service, and an industry leading 30 year labor and material solar warranty coupled with a 20 year labor and material battery warranty. All of our installations in qualified states have this extended warranty built into every project, so that you can rest easy that the major components of your system will last. 

Here is what you get with a Solar insure protected system:

Get longer life and peace of mind from your battery:

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