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Virginia Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)


Not to be confused with other incentives or tax credits, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are a vehicle by which utility providers are able to meet legislative standards to avoid fines or penalties for not meeting minimum clean energy requirements. 

Basically, your home or business is producing clean energy, through solar, that both reduces your reliance on the utility, as well as providing additional power through overproduction of solar. In many states, including Virginia, there are minimum percentages of production that utilities must meet in order to fulfill the legislative requirements set forth by the state. Unfortunately for many utilities, these standards exceed the internal production capability of the company, but fortunately for solar owners, utilities have the ability to purchase rights to your production. The cost of these rights vary from state to state and month to month, and for that reason, an SREC aggregator acts as a broker on your behalf.

Sol Systems is one of the oldest SREC aggregators in the United States, offering best-in-class SREC solutions to meet a wide variety of risk and reward profiles.

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