Is Solar Right For Me?

Our Services: Solar Essential Items Battery Backup

With all the chaos surrounding the stability of the electrical grid, it has become more concerning than ever to have a backup plan for times of crisis. While 2 to 8 hours of electricity loss might not sound like a lot, it can have a measurable impact on food storage, the ability to work from home, or the overall capability to function in our homes.

While there are solutions available to cover the entire home with Whole Home Backup in most cases, sometimes the investment in a system of that caliber doesn’t make fiscal sense for one reason or another. In those situations, Solar Essential Items Battery Backup might be the answer. Like a smaller generator, Solar Essentials is able to protect your most vital circuits including your food storage, internet, home office, or even your well in most cases, but with none of the disadvantages of a small generator:

  • A solar system that still operates during the day when the grid is down, and that will power your essential loads as it recharges the battery bank for power when the sun goes down. Designed to provide power indefinitely if the system size and weather permits.
  • A backup solution that is virtually maintenance free, that doesn’t need regular fluid checks.
  • A backup solution that has no moving parts, so it enjoys a longer life time and carries a warranty that surpasses other traditional backup solutions.
  • A backup solution that is instantaneous and makes no sound, practically to the point where you can’t even tell if your power has been lost or not.
  • A backup solution that is not dependent on a fuel source that has unpredictable inflationary costs, and more or less has a lifetime of fuel built in.
  • Have the ability to use your excess power generation after the sun goes down and stay off the grid when your utility doesn’t compensate you fairly for your overproduction.

If any of these advantages align with what you want for your backup solution, take the next step in learning more about Solar Essential Items Battery Backup!

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