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Our Partners: Sol-Ark Featuring HomeGrid

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Sol-Ark Featuring HomeGrid – 

Even though Sol-Ark and HomeGrid are relative newcomers to the energy space, their integrated partnership has quickly become one of the most unique and powerful solar offerings in the industry. 

Sol-Ark – 

As far as inverters go, Sol-Ark’s “Limitless 15k” can provide power that few manufacturers can even compare to with a peak amperage draw of 15,000 watts which can allow support for almost any size A/C unit and true off-grid capability. In addition, with its universal capability, it can be partnered with a wide array of power managers, batteries, and generators. 

HomeGrid – 

With HomeGrid’s Lithion battery, they are one of the only battery manufacturers available that can support Sol-Ark’s industry-disrupting peak performance. In addition, with their built-in heating capability and simple stackable battery modules, they truly match up perfectly to the Sol-Ark brand performance and reputation.

Whole home integration, including generator! 

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Universally compatible  inverter, fits almost every power manager, generator, and battery!

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Easily scalable battery with built in heater! 

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Learn more about Sol-Ark HERE.

Learn more about HomeGrid HERE.

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