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It’s a rare opportunity to be the first in anything, but it is extra special to be the first to usher in the next generation of solar and solar backup to the state of Virginia, and quite possibly, the East Coast or the country as a whole! As solar has rapidly evolved due to consumer market demand, there have still been several areas of contention for the residential and commercial market, including whole building backup limitations, battery bank limitations, cold environment limitations, and warranty protection limitations, just to name a few. It is because of these limitations that many prospective solar owners are hesitant to move forward with their solar solutions and/or, for those who did commit to their installation, are underwhelmed by the performance of their system. As a designer, it’s common to receive feedback from solar owners who are overall happy with their system but didn’t realize one or more of the limitations of their setup until after installation. Well, the great news now is that with the right designer and equipment, those limitations are a thing of the past!

Over the next month, we will be detailing every aspect of this new solution, from equipment to warranty to financing, and we even have the pleasure of showcasing the first installation of all elements in the state of Virginia! Now, admittedly, by combining all these together in one place, there has been some concern that other solar installers or designers might attempt to incorporate some, if not all, of these pieces together in their own business. However, due to the stringent qualifications of the vendors we are going to highlight, the majority of installers will be at a minimum 6 months behind what we are installing within the next 30 days, if they can qualify with all of them at all. All this being said, the last concern we are confronted with is what the investment in something like this would be in comparison to other offerings available in the industry right now. The good news is that, because of the supplier relationships, professional ability of our installers, and the financing options available, this system is competitively priced with any mid to high tier option currently out there. 

We didn’t package this system to break the bank or set a new price point in solar. Quite the opposite, actually. While we’re still more than happy to provide an economically priced, high ROI grid-tied solar-only system, the backup solar market has long fallen short of expectations and arguably, value for the dollar spent. Our mission and pleasure is to finally offer a solution that meets everyone’s expectations for this part of the solar solution. For those who are as excited to be part of this journey as we are to deliver it, strap on those belts, this is going to be a fun one!!   

Fred West 

Owner/CEO The Solar Agents

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