Is Solar Right For Me?

Customer Spotlight Frank H.

Location: Gulf Coast, Texas
Project Type: Whole Home Backup
Reason(s) for solar:
Rising Energy Costs
Grid Confidence
Energy Independence
Concern about storms

Project Description:

After recently moving back to the Gulf Coast of Texas, Frank had concerns about the frequent year-round storms they have in the area. With plans for a long-term residence, Frank decided on a system design that would provide more than enough power for his needs, whether the grid was active or not. This included a battery bank that could hold enough in reserve to power the majority of the home at night, and recharge itself daily, which almost eliminated his reliance on his local utility company.

Customer Feedback:

"In addition to being pleasantly surprised on how well the system performs on an overcast day, the Generac PWRcell Outage Guard is such a great feature, virtually eliminating the worry of switching my system from self-supply mode to backup mode."

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