Is Solar Right For Me?

Customer Spotlight Tracey M.

Location: Gulf Coast, Texas
Project Type: Essentials Backup
Reason(s) for solar:
Rising Energy Costs
Grid Confidence

Project Description:

Being outside of a metropolitan area, Tracey would experience unexpected blackouts that compromised his source of water with his well, and made it so neither he nor his wife were able to work from home. Being unsure of his long-term plans for his home, he decided to focus on a system design that addressed the minimal needs for the house including water from his well, along with a focus on getting in front of the massive inflation of local energy costs.

Customer Feedback:

"I have had a lot of work done on my home, but your guys had to be the best experience I have ever had. In addition, I absolutely love the power that the PWRView app gives us for our usage. We are already saving money by just being aware of our consumption and habits!"

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