Is Solar Right For Me?

Customer Spotlight Michael & Debbie L.

Location: Central Texas
Project Type: System Repair
Reason(s) for solar:
Poor Workmanship
Original Installer Abandonment

Project Description:

The Lowders had the unfortunate luck of being paired up with an installation company that had a history of not fully finishing their installs, while also paying previous customers to remove their online reviews. With more problems than can be listed here, basically after having the two previous installers quit on the job, the third installer assigned for the install had some electrical experience, but no solar experience. The result was weeks of identifying components that were not installed correctly, as well as identifying components that were never installed in the first place. Once the installation company was paid in full, he refused to come back to the property, and blocked the number of the homeowner. Another installation company was hired because the backup power would not backup ⅓ of the house, and the ATS would not switch back on after a power outage. A whole host of problems were discovered upon further inspection, including an incorrectly wired ATS, wrong gauge wire being used which created a potential fire hazard, incorrectly wired SMMs, etc. Our crew was able to untangle the mess, and get the Lowders up and running as originally designed.

Customer Feedback:

"I am used to doing business the old way with a look in the eyes and a handshake. It just bothers me to make such a substantial investment, and not only have it done wrong, but to have to fight tooth and nail all the way through to have it done right, only to have the original installation company refuse to honor their workmanship warranty, and just outright abandon us! Fred, we really don’t know what we would have done without you, thank you so much for fighting for us all the way through and getting us running right!"

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