Is Solar Right For Me?

Customer Spotlight John K.

Location: Central Texas
Project Type: Whole Home Backup
Reason(s) for solar:
Rising Energy Costs
Grid Confidence
Energy Independence

Project Description:

Living out of state causes John to worry about the health and well-being of his father. While there is an abundance of technology where John can check up on how he is doing, there are very few things that can be done if something critical happens, like the great freeze that Texas had in 2021. Unfortunately, his father is no longer in position to operate or maintain a generator, so the best option for simple and sustainable backup was a whole-home backup solution that was automatic, and monitorable.

Customer Feedback:

"I love that I can check on how my dad’s system is performing remotely, that the ring cameras are still operating, and having the peace of mind that if there is an event he still has his basic needs taken care of."

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